Live without No Shows

No shows are nowadays one of the most important problems for restaurants, those people who finally do not show up, or cancel their booking at the last minute.

CoverManager has cooked the way to reduce the no show rate in restaurants. In addition, the business has total flexibility on the setting up. How do we do it?

Cancellation Policy

The client will leave his card details as a guarantee, giving the restaurant the option to charge them in case of no show or last minute cancellation. It causes a high dissuasive effect.

Reconfirmation Service

In the 21st Century the clients are no longer called to check if they will finally attend their booking. CoverManager does it for you sending an SMS to reconfirm it.

Booking with Prepayments

It is possible to set a payment in advance for special days or group reservations.

CoverManager is Hospitality

We like to be close and decisive helping the restaurant to gain value every day and to achieve its ultimate goal.

We have made CoverManager so easy to use that Technology disappears.

Do you want to learn more about plans and services?


9 languages
On any device
Hospitality 365 days

CoverManager is the way in which restaurants create, sell and manage 21st Century bookings.

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