About us

CoverManager is a technology company obsessed with restaurants.

Our aim is to help restaurant avoiding no shows, to increase demand and to build loyalty, without depending on a third party channel.

How is this possible? Joining the most experimented group of people with knowledge of the restaurant business and engineers who love their job.

CoverManager is the way to book in restaurants in the 21st Century. Easy to access to every restaurant and customer from anywhere in the world. You will be able to manage your bookings from a computer or tablet, without having to install any software or application.

You, the restaurants that are or want to be part of CoverManager, help us to keep learning from your needs, wishes and customer behaviors.

Never stop doing it.

CoverManager is Hospitality

We like to be close and decisive helping the restaurant to gain value every day and to achieve its ultimate goal.

We have made CoverManager so easy to use that Technology disappears.

Do you want to learn more about plans and services?


9 languages
On any device
Hospitality 365 days

CoverManager is the way in which restaurants create, sell and manage 21st Century bookings.

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