Ejemplo de un plano de sala en el sistema Cover, con mesas reservadas, las cuales una de ellas ha confirmado su reserva para las 3 de la tarde, notificando al restaurante.

Global booking management

Increase your restaurant's profitability by getting direct bookings through your phone, web and social networks.

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The booking management system

At CoverManager, we help you increase the profitability of your restaurant by assigning the right table to the right customer. We offer solutions adapted to each business taking into account its operations and needs.

Table optimization and revenue improvement

Each table is a saleable product with a maximum and minimum number of guests. With a click you can modify the features of the tables and plans previously set.

Vista de un plano de sala en el sistema Cover con mesas reservadas, pendientes de confirmación y disponibles.

Sell on your direct channel

Boost direct bookings without commission per diner. Sell through your direct channels: web, phone and social media.

Ejemplo de un motor de reservas en el sitio web del restaurante, es decir en canal propio, donde el cliente puede hacer una reserva indicando fecha, hora y número de comensales.

Own database

You will have your own customer database updated in real time. Each time a customer books, CoverManager will identify whether or not the customer has been to the restaurant more than once. You will have customer data sheets with each customer's personal data, preferences/allergies and even see the average ticket consumed.

Fotografía de una mujer sonriente junto a la cual vemos la etiqueta “VIP”, indicándonos que es un cliente especial.


Cross-selling allows you to derive demand from one restaurant to another. If there is no availability in a restaurant, it will offer us the possibility to book a table in another restaurant of the group. Cross-selling is fully configurable when it comes to deriving demand.

Ejemplo de la ventana que salta en la página web del restaurante al intentar reservar en una fecha sin disponibilidad. El sistema sugiere al cliente el restaurante NuBel como segunda opción para su reserva.

Online store

Offer menus made to your liking, with your brand image. We provide you the possibility to sell gift cards to grow your business through an online store, where you can offer menus tailored to your taste and with a personalized customer service.

 Ejemplo de la página web de un restaurante al añadir a la carta una botella de vino Marqués de Riscal.
Motor de búsqueda de reservas propio, en el que el sistema informa al cliente de que, si no hay disponibilidad el día y hora que desea, puede apuntarse a la lista de espera.

Smart waiting list

Get more control in managing high volume bookings. CoverManager gives you the option to automatically and intelligently manage the waiting list by filling the tables that have been cancelled.

Ejemplo de un plano de sala en el sistema Cover, con mesas reservadas, las cuales una de ellas ha confirmado su reserva para las 3 de la tarde, notificando al restaurante.

Automate your calls and forget about the phone

Automatically take bookings through a virtual assistant

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Reduce No-Shows

Avoid No-Shows with advance payments, prepaid bookings and reconfirmation services.

Solicitud de tarjeta de crédito para política de cancelación

Cancellation Policy

The customer will leave their card as a guarantee, giving the restaurant the option to issue a charge in case of no-show or last minute cancellation. It causes a high deterrent effect.

Ejemplo del SMS de confirmación que recibe el cliente al hacer una reserva en el restaurante Tametzonia el día 21 de mayo a las 2 y media para dos personas.

Reconfirmation service

Confirm that the client will attend your booking. CoverManager does this for you by sending an SMS to reconfirm.

Ejemplo de las categorías seleccionables en un motor de reservas propio, en el que el cliente puede elegir fecha, hora, número de personas y menú a consumir.

Prepaid bookings

Prepaid booking is another tool to set up a prepayment at the time of booking for special days or groups.

Know your customer

Get to know each customer individually before, during and after coming to your restaurant.

You will be able to learn about your restaurant to create strategies and get the most out of it with customized statistics that allow you to assess customer behaviors, reservations, tables.

Ejemplos de ventana de preguntas a contestar por el cliente al realizar una reserva, como sus intolerancias alimentarias; y ventana de valoración, en la que el cliente podrá valorar su experiencia en el restaurante desde su propia página web.
: Ejemplo de plano de sala de un restaurante con mesas reservadas, mostrando nombre y hora de reserva de los clientes, en el software de CoverManager.

Automatic table dubbing

Tables can support folding in an organized and automatic way, being able to inform the diner how much time he has to enjoy the table.

Double the total capacity of your restaurant and increase revenue exponentially.

360° Management of your business

CoverBookings, CoverAtHome and CoverOnTheGo are integrated within the same software, to facilitate your overall management.

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Own CRM integrated with bookings and orders

Know your customer and unify your databases in one place.

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Marketing solutions

Loyalize your customers to establish a better relationship with them.

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Integrate with your POS, PBX and email marketing tools.

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Increase your visibility through our Demand Generation Network.

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